Industrial Security Systems


The best defense is a strong offense, and that starts outside your building. With a video surveillance system that covers your entire property, you can see trouble when it is coming. Add to that an interior camera and alarm system, and you can tell where the threat is should they make in into your facility. With 24/7 security monitoring, audible or silent alarms, and a variety of entryway sensing systems the proper authorities can be quickly alerted to any emergency.


Quick communication can have the proper first responders to your premises in less time. While our security systems do their job in notifying the right departments, an intercom system can also be invaluable. Allowing quick communication between the location of the emergency and the front office or security office can keep those in contact with the authorities apprised of what is happening so word can be passed to medical, fire, or police departments. An intercom system also allows management or security personnel to inform employees of the proper action to take in order to minimize exposure of your staff to the danger that may be present.


Whether or not your facility operates around the clock, a world-class security system by TX Security Dynamics does. Protecting your property is a 24/7 requirement even if your employees are not on the premises. Our monitoring service knows exactly what to do and who to inform, should an emergency or unauthorized entry occur. Don’t trust just anyone, trust the professionals San Antonio has trusted for over 17 years…TX Security Dynamics!

If you need to replace or upgrade the security system at your industrial complex, contact TX Security Dynamics for a free consultation. We provide economical solutions for virtually any size or type of industrial business.

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